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To detoxify our body regularly, for maintain good health we are serving different KERALA herbal therapies.

Each of this process having specific indication and specific protocol. Combination of these process are wisely advised by a technical expert and done by a therapists having well knowledge from reputed Government Institutions of Kerala.

  Elea Kizhi
Elea kizhi is an innovative massage with medicinal leaf bolus, in a steady rotational movements.  Useful in joints pain, back pain, various types of swelling, body pain etc.

Prepared from Navara Rice, cooked with milk and herbal decoctions, used for this massage.  Navara Kizhi is highly rejuvenating, gives strength to the body and muscular system.   It also improves the fairness of the skin, gives to the body and muscular system.


  Kadeevasthi Kadeevasthi

This procedure is to keep medicated hotg oil over the affected area.  Oil is absorbed by the tissue and thus gives the relief.  Kadivasthi helps to reduce the join pain inflammation.  Kadevasthi restore the flexibility of the joints.

  Dhara Dhara

Dhara means pouring of hot medicated oil or herbal extract to the body parts.  This improves the peripheral nerve system and enhances the capillary blood flow.

  Sirodhara Sirodhara

Pouring of medicated herbal extract to the head. Effective for mental tension, sleepiness, head ache and hair falls.
Abhyangam (General Massage)
Is the general body massage, with medicated herbal special aromatic oil. Abhyangam improves general health, gets relief from fatigue, stress and strain.

  Nasyam Nasyam

Is the technique of pouring medicated, specially prepared oil to the nostrils. The process clears the path of the upper respiratory tract and give relief from sinusitis sneezing due to simple nasal obstruction and some sort of head ache.

  Special herbal powders, boiled with herbal extractions and the apply to the body for a fixed time. Then do a massage and hot water bath. Very effective for obesity and muscular pain. Improves the flexibility of the body.
  Steam Bath  
  Steam bath means, swear the whole body artificially with medicated water vapour. Brings soothing and relaxing effect various ailments such as arthritis and muscle pain ca ben relieved because of is warm effect.